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"Wind energy creates independency from increasing commodity prices
and insecure energy imports“

Of all renewable energy sources used in Europe to generate electricity, wind power has grown most in the past decade. In this period wind was the second largest power generator after gas. Thanks to this rapid development, wind power represents today more than 12 percent of the total electricity generation capacity.

The European Union (EU) and most European governments have recognized that wind power creates independency from rising commodity prices and insecure energy imports.

By 2020 the EU wants to cover 20 percent of its energy consumptions with renewable energies, especially wind power.
Electricity from wind 
Electricity from wind is generated by converting the energy of the wind, which flows through and rotates therefore the rotor blades, into rotational energy. The rotor passes this energy on to a generator, which produces electricity. A wind turbine thereby converts kinetic energy into electrical energy. The amount of electricity produced depends mainly on the diameter of the rotor, the hub height, the power of the generator and the wind strength.
When converting the kinetic energy into rotational energy the wind turbines use the principle of aerodynamic lift. When air flows around a convex-shaped rotor, overpressure will be created below the wing, while above the wing there is a vacuum. These pressure differences generate a lift force, which sets the rotor blades of the wind turbine in motion.

The clean energy generated by wind turbines presents an enormous contribution to climate protection. In Europe alone, wind energy avoids every year around 150 million tonnes of CO2.

A modern wind turbine with a nominal power of three megawatts delivers yearly enough electricity for more than 1,800 households or 5,000 people. A single wind turbine is therefore able to supply an entire small town with clean energy.

Our projects

Wind farm Bonorva  (SS) - Sardinia

74 MW
Wind farm Medio Campidano  (VS) - Sardinia

112 MW

Wind farm Cerignola (FG) - Apulia

92 MW

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